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Traditional Beer  & Cider Making

Traditional Beer & Cider Making

ISBN: 0-7160-2045-9
Pages: 128

By: Ian Ball

Pub beer has become a weak gassy brew.

Our choice of ale and beer has never been so limited. Much of what we drink today would have been tipped down the drain by our great-grandfathers!

In this book Ian Ball revives many of the traditional brews enjoyed by our forebears. There are recipes for a wide selection of types of beer, ale, lager and stout; all can be made from natural ingredients without added chemicals, and can be bottled or barreled at home and ready for drinking within a few weeks. Minimal equipment is needed.

And the finest pint costs only a fraction of the price you would pay over a bar.

The second part of the book shows how you, at home, can revive the ancient craft of cider making, and provide enjoyment for your family and friends.