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Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale

Real Cidermaking

ISBN: 1-85486-195-6
Pages: 136

By: Michael Pooley & John Lomax

Cider is quite a delicious drink known for thousands of years. This new practical book on the craft of cider making explores both traditional and modern approaches, and has been designed to enable the enthusiast using any type of apples to make real cider with skill and confidence.

There are additional chapters with a range of fascinating topics relating to cider. Techniques for preserving apple juice for drinking, cider-based recipes, cider vinegar and the making of Perry from pears are just some of the subjects dealt with. The book also includes a set of superb  scaled plans for building an inexpensive robust cider press using hard wood or good quality soft wood.

Michael Pooley and John Lomax have been cider makers for the past 20 years. During this time, their teaching courses and demonstrations of the craft at venues throughout the UK have acquired a national reputation.

In this comprehensive book on the subject, they have combined their experience and expertise to produce a clear, accessible text for both the amateur and would-be professional cider maker.