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Fermentation Does Not Start
  • The liquid containing the malt and sugar (called the wort) may have been too cold at the time that the yeast was added. Move the contents to a warmer place between 21C and 27C.
  • Try using a Heating Tray or Brewbelt to ensure a constant temperature.
  • An old yeast may have been used - adding a fresh yeast should restart the fermentation. Never use a yeast that has gone past its “best before” date.
  • The wort could have been too hot when the yeast was added causing the yeast to become destroyed Add some fresh yeast.
  • Where the equipment hasn’t been thoroughly rinsed after sterilising, there could still be traces of steriliser left behind that would kill the yeast. The equipment should not smell of steriliser when starting to use it.
  • Although it may sound impossible ---- the yeast may not have been added initially! If in doubt add a second quantity.