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Home Beermaking
Welcome to Home Beermaking

The average cost of a pub bitter has now frothed up to over 2 a pint and more than 2.20 for a pint of lager, and no wonder legions of drinkers are finding this hard to swallow.

Brew-it-yourself kits costing as little as 5.75 come usually in 40 pint packs, and this  works out at a fraction of the cost, just under 15p per pint!

If you can make a cup of tea, you can brew a pint of beer.

Home beermaking is a  totally successful and rewarding hobby. With little experience, it is possible to brew a superior beer to those you buy. Your beer will usually be superior in body, bouquet and in flavour, and it is certainly more satisfying.

It is easier to brew beer at home today than it has ever been. The kits that are available today have been produced to the highest standard using the very latest in technology. Following the simple step-by-step instructions will produce a beer with superior quality, good aroma, body and flavour compared to commercial beers. Modern kits have reached such a high standard, that an excellent result is guaranteed every time - provided  the instructions. are carefully followed

Actually, brewing your own beer at home is even easier and quicker than making your own wine. Most people taking up home beermaking do so first by buying a beer kit, and this is certainly the best way to start as it teaches the basics of home beermaking, while at the same time ensuring a top quality brew, every bit as good as the commercial brands.

Impress your friends, and you can afford to be generous, with a glass of your home made beer at a fraction of the commercial cost.                 

What more can anyone ask for?