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Home Beermaking

It is necessary to maintain the correct temperature at the fermentation stage of the process to be successful in home beermaking.
Even though central heating is nowadays available in most homes, there are overall variations in temperature.

Using a heating pad that has been specially designed for home beermaking, will ensure that a correct constant temperature is maintained at all times, ensuring that the best results are obtained.
Constant warmth for a better results.

The use of splash proof heating pads is simplicity itself, and there is a special size available for beer, namely the TE25. This heating pad is specially strengthened for a 25 litre bucket or barrel. A heating pad offers the following advantages:

  • Low wattage / economical
  • controlled heat
  • thermally insulated base
  • safe on plastic
  • easy to clean
  • detachable power lead
  • power on indicator
  • guaranteed for 2 years

There is an alternative to the pad, namely a heating belt or a drop-in type immersion heater.