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Home Beermaking
The Beer is Flat (no life)
  • Faulty closures on the bottles or worn out washers on the barrel. Check the condition and replace if necessary.
  • Temperature for the secondary fermentation is too low.
    The beer needs to be kept warm for at least 5 days for the secondary fermentation. It it is in too cold a place, you will not generate the fermentation and pressure. Next time, keep the beer in a warm place (between 21C and 27C) or use a Heating Tray or Brewbelt for the first 5 days after the beer has been bottled/barreled. Then move to a cooler place.
  • The beer is stored in too cold a place.
    After the secondary fermentation has completed, move the beer into a COOL place, not cold. If the temperature is too cold, the pressure will be lost. Bring the beer into a slightly warmer place (15C).
  • The time between fermentation and bottling/barreling is too long. Use a hydrometer to ensure the correct time to bottle/barrel. Leaving the beer too long in the bucket will not give sufficient pressure during the secondary fermentation and also higher the risk of infection.
  • Not enough priming sugar added.
    Next time a
    dd 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per pint of beer before sealing the caps.