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Electrim Bin

Either an Electrim Bin or a Bruheat Boiler is an essential piece of equipment if you intend to make a beer from a full mash.

These are basically a 25 litre plastic bucket and lid, made from a special plastic that can withstand high temperatures. Inside is a heating element that is connected to a controlled thermostat fitted to the side of the bucket. Being sensitive, the thermostat keep the temperature  of the mash or liquid inside to within a few degrees of the desired setting.

In mashing, it is essential that you have the facility to boil large volumes of wort and to maintain the mash at a steady high temperature. These heaters are ideal. You just switch them on, turn the dial to the required setting and leave them. The thermostat will ensure that the temperature will stay the same.

There are special mashing and sparging bags available to fit these buckets. They secure to the top of the bucket via a pull string and will safely contain the grains, making it easier for sparging.