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The Craft of  House Brewing

Craft Of House Brewing

ISBN: 9-780951-568569
Pages: 155

By: Clive La Pensée

Clive La Pensée is an established authority on historical brewing. After the international success of The Historical Companion To House Brewing, Clive considers the problems of adopting a professional approach to the task of making beer at home. From Ancient Egypt until he last century, beer making was a domestic chore. Every house of any size and many small cottages had their own house brewery in a outhouse. Can this fascinating task be recreated in the modern kitchen or shed? Is there merit in learning such a traditional craft? The answer is undoubtedly “Yes!”. The Craft Of House Brewing tells you how.

A series of detailed, short chapters allow you to build your skills at your pace as you enter the exciting historical hobby of house brewing.