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The Beer is Cloudy
  • beer_brite_sachetThe most common cause of cloudy beer is that finings have not been used. Finings do not alter the beers taste or smell, they greatly speed up the clearing process by making the protein and yeast that float in the beer fall faster and help keep the sediment sticking to the bottom of the container. All commercial beer is fined. Be careful not to add too much finings, follow the manufacturers instructions.
  • The beer is being stored at a high temperature, causing the sediment in the bottles/barrel to rise and fall. Move the beer to a cooler place for the sediment to settle.
  • The beer is being stored in a very cold place, causing a chill-haze to form in the beer. This is usually seen in the winter months when some beer is stored in a cold outside building.
    You can only remove the haze with a chill-haze remover.