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Brew Classic European Beers

Brew Classic European Beers At Home

ISBN: 1-85249-117-5
Pages: 192

By: Graham Wheeler & Roger Protz

The world is full of wonderful beer: classic beer, ales and lagers. Keen home brewers can now recreate some of the worlds classics with the help of a book that has chosen the cream of international beers. In your own home you can brew superb Pale Ales, Milds, Porters, Stouts, Pilsners, Alt, Kolcsh, Trappist, Wheat Beers, Sour Beers even the astonishing Fruit Lambics of Belgium ... and many more.

The two men behind this guide are Graham Wheeler and Roger Protz. Wheeler is Britain’s foremost authority on brewing at home and a leading historian, who has helped recreate fascinating beer styles from centuries ago. He is also the author of Home Brewing - The CAMRA Guide.

Protz is a prolific writer and journalist who edits CAMRA’s national newspaper What’s Brewing. Many of the recipes in this book are the result of his travels in Britain and Europe, his unrivaled knowledge of brewing and beer styles and his ability to obtain once closely-guarded recipes.