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The Big Book of Brewing

The Big Book Of Brewing

ISBN: 0-9619072-9-0
Pages: 254

By: Dave Line

This is the book for any real enthusiastic and ambitious brewer ... the person who wants to brew high quality “true” beers that were once thought long beyond the ability of the amateur.

“The Big Book Of Brewing” brings to brewers and experts alike a simple method of “mashing” for producing the finest flavoured beers, ales, stouts and lagers from all-grain. It is the most advanced and comprehensive book on the subject.

If you have hesitated to try mashing because you thought it was too difficult, this book will explain how easy it really is.
David Line makes the concepts understandable and describes all the necessary equipment and ingredients that you will need to succeed.

David Line uses his practical experience in home brewing, his training as an electrical engineer and his outstanding sense of humour to shed new light on the topic of making beer from all-grain.

“The Big Book Of Brewing” is the definitive book on the subject of mashing and will continue to be for many years to come.