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Home Brewed Beers & Stouts
Home Brewed Beers and Stouts

ISBN: 1-85486-123-9
Pages: 155

By: C.J.J.Berry

Originally published in 1963, this was the first modern book on home brewing. Since then the book has gone through several editions and today has sold 700,000 copies.

This latest edition contains all you need to know to brew palatable beers and stouts of authentic flavour and - if you wish - fearsome strength! From palest lager to blackest “extra stout” they will be brews which you can be proud.

C.J.J.Berry is the author of several books on winemaking and home brewing, which he is an acknowledged expert. He was co-founder of the first Winemakers Circle, president of the National Association and former editor/publisher of the monthly magazine The Winemaker